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Cleaning Innovation Since 1996

Founded in 1996 we began our journey supplying the envirodri dry carpet cleaning system to a number of hotels and businesses. Through doing this we were able to learn, first-hand, about the varied and complex cleaning issues businesses were faced with on a daily basis and the fact that the products they were using were simply not up to the task.

By working alongside our customers, we were able to develop our dry carpet cleaning system and associated products to provide a method which not only delivered superior results, but also worked across all carpet types without any downtime or disruption to daily activities.

Today, we are considered the destination for dry carpet cleaning technology, providing a suite of innovative equipment and products with first class training and support to compliment. This ensures our customers get the most from our products and are able to clean and maintain carpeting whatever their industry.

Alongside our carpet and upholstery products we also manufacture and supply key janitorial products to provide a complete solution for any cleaning and maintenance task. Utilising the power of biotechnology these products have been developed to offer residual cleaning action, the deepest possible clean and the best in odour elimination whilst being safe for use and environmentally responsible.

Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning

Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning


With key focus on results, saving time, money and natural resources, we’ve disrupted the way people think carpets should be cleaned by introducing a water-free and highly sustainable method.

Our Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System has been at the forefront of our product range since we launched in 1996, and with almost 25 years of product evolution, it is now one of the most efficient and renowned carpet cleaning systems on the market today.

Used through-out the world, our innovative system delivers superior cleaning results whether spot or deep cleaning and, as it is water free, eliminates downtime and any risks of damage to carpet.

Professional Cleaning Products

Professional Cleaning Products


We pride ourselves on our use of innovative chemistry. This enables us to manufacture cleaning solutions which deliver superior results whilst being environmentally responsible.

Our biological products contain specially selected strains of microbes chosen for their ability to safely and naturally degrade a cross section of organic grime and odour. Only strains that are certified as being non-pathogenic and completely safe for humans, animals and the planet, are included in our formulations.




Our new  Cleantec Protect  range of products has been developed to offer extremely high levels of disinfection and sanitisation without the use of traditional, harsh chemicals. Designed for frequent, daily use through to decontamination and anti-viral deep cleaning, the Cleantec Protect range of products helps to maintain clean, hygienic and safe conditions in a variety of different environments.
From our alcohol-free hand sanitisers to innovative new hypochlorous acid based fogging solutions, the Cleantec protect range has been tested and certified to meet the most rigorous BS EN standards of hygiene giving you complete confidence in your clean.


Product Mission

To manufacture and supply the finest quality range of cleaning products, utilising wherever possible environmentally responsible ingredients with a continued commitment to promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment.