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Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bags and Filters

Lindhaus Dynamic V380e Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Filters

Product Code: L/VCBP-D


Replacement vacuum cleaner paper bags and exhaust filters for use with the Lindhaus Dynamic 380e Vacuum Cleaner


Each pack contains 8 replacement bags and 2 replacement filters


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Lindhaus Dynamic V38 Professional Vacuum Cleaner
Lindhaus Dynamic Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner 380e

Stock code: V38-D

A professional standard, dual-motor, upright vacuum cleaner. The Lindhaus Dynamic 380e is approved by hospitals and boasts a five-stage filtration system including an electrostatic micro-filter. Precision engineered and computer balanced motors assure optimal performance and low sound levels. Featuring a 38cm cleaning head along with 880W suction motor, the Lindhaus 380e is capable of superior suction across a variety of hard and soft floors. 

Cleantec Innovation recommends the Lindhaus 380e for an exceptional, professional finish. The high performance, superior suction ensures any and all debris is fully removed from deep within the carpet pile, and it is the approved vacuum for use in conjunction with the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System. 

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Cleantec Innovation are authorised Lindhaus dealers for professional cleaning machines and technical service.

Envirodri GEN4 CRB Machine replacement brushes
Envirodri GEN4 CRB Replacement Brushes

We offer four different grades of brush for the Envirodri GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine ensuring that all carpet types are catered for to produce an outstanding professional finish.

Soft brush (Gold):
The gold brush is mainly used for very delicate residential carpets where long soft fibres are found. Use on wool and wool berber carpets to avoid damage.

Soft intermediate brush (Gold/White):
Best used for 100%, 80/20 and 50/50 wool carpets. Excellent for cleaning rugs such as Orientals and Persians. 

Standard brush (White):
The most versatile of all the brushes, effective on both residential and commercial carpets. It can be used on virtually all carpets except for delicate wool and wool berber carpets and rugs. Especially effective on moderately soiled cut pile carpets.

Stiff intermediate brush (Black/White):
This brush has a combination of stiff and standard bristles so that it is effective in not only cleaning moderate to heavily soiled carpets but is also effective in lifting crushed carpet tiles. Great on both loop and cut pile carpets.

Envirodri GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine
Envirodri GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine

Stock code: E40-4-9002BK

The Envirodri system is one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible ways to clean all types of carpet without the use of water.

To be used in conjunction with Pro 40 Envirodri Microsponges, the Envirodri dry carpet cleaning machine is suitable for both spot and deep cleaning schedules and enables facilities to maintain their flooring without disruption to daily activities. 

The system cleans using 100% biodegradable, natural, soft, sponge-like particles which have been moistened with just the right amount of cleaning ingredients to dissolve and absorb dirt and grime from carpet fibres. The GEN4 machine effortlessly glides over carpets, agitating the microsponges into the fibres whilst also acting as a pile lifter - cleaning whilst simultaneously restoring previously flat, crushed carpet. After use, simply vacuum to reveal clean, odour-free and dry carpeting.