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Bespoke Cleaning Solutions for a Holiday Park Brand

Bespoke Cleaning Solutions for a Holiday Park Brand

Working with a well known holiday park brand we helped to reduce waste and create a bespoke offering for all their cleaning requirements.

Our products are used by a number of hotels, holiday villages and caravan parks. As part of our service we regularly check in with our clients to ensure our products meet their needs and if there is any room for improvement. One brand in the holiday industry explained that one of their key issues is the sheer number of products they hold in their cleaning cupboards, with solutions from a variety of companies being used for specific duties. 

What the client needed:  
A way to rationalise their cleaning stock. As each site was holding a myriad of bottles and powders they needed a way to reduce the amount of products but without compromising on quality of cleaning or the ability to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. 

What we offered: 
We evaluated their cleaning stock and compared the methods use to each product in our range to see where cross overs existed. We found that we could reduce their product holding to just a few items as they could be used across a variety of surfaces and offered the cleaning power of even the most robust competitor. 

This has led to not only a reduction in time spent cleaning but has also simplified staff training, increased productivity and enabled the brand to save on costs normally spent on specific products which wouldn't be used regularly. 

Why it worked: 
We pride ourselves on our ability to craft bespoke formulations to tackle any specific cleaning task, however, we also ensure we cater for general cleaning duties by offering a range of multi-purpose cleaners. In particular, our range of biological cleaning solutions. These are not only environmentally responsible and easy to use, but they also offer exceptional cleaning performance and possess the ability to continue breaking down and removing grime and odours in-between cleans. As an example, our washroom cleaner can be used on virtually any washroom surface from sinks and showers, to windows, mirrors and floors eliminating the need for separate glass, shower and surface cleaners. 

What next?
We are currently developing a bespoke fragrance for the brand to go into these products. The brief is to create a 'home-from-home' relaxing and comforting single fragrance which will be layered and long lasting as it will be used in lounge areas, kitchens, bedrooms and washrooms. No more competing and conflicting fragrances!