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Cleantec Innovation, a global leader in dry carpet cleaning technology, has launched a packaging redesign in order to better highlight the key benefits of their formulations as well as assist in the simple identification of each product and its application.

Taking the lead from customer feedback and their preferences for modern, fuss-free design, Cleantec initiated a re-work of their current labelling system earlier this year in order to refresh the product range and better serve their customers.

The new labels have been created to be clear, concise and provide easy differentiation on the shelf. All this whilst highlighting the key benefits, usage instructions and safety information in a more structured, user-friendly way.

Cleantec Innovation Envirodri Label Re-Design

What's changed?

  • The colour: Our move to white as our main colour highlights the safety, freshness and cleanliness of our products whilst the subtle accent of green relates to the balance of our formulations, non-toxic ingredients and their ability to revitalise surfaces. The new colour pallete also ties in with the new website which was launched in 2018 and supports the brand image which was implemented last year.

  • Product numbering: During this process, one key element we did not want to lose was the product numbering system all of our customers are familiar with. We chose to make this a more prominent feature on the front and back, as from customer feedback, we learnt that a majority of customers only know our products by number alone. Therefore, we’ve made this easier for end users to identify on the shelf.

  • Clearer names and descriptions: To compliment the number the product names have been given more prominence and a brief overview of the product function is included on the front label in order to better serve our new customers. This eliminates product confusion and clearly presents each product in a quick, concise and efficient way. With the extra label space to work with this enables us to ensure descriptions, instructions and safety information can be clearer, more legible and allows us space to include pictograms in order to assist cleaners in using our products effectively.

With a rebrand, it’s also time to look at what we didn’t get quite right. Earlier in the year we trialled single labels as a way to reduce waste and cut down on packaging and resources to reduce our footprint. Following customer feedback we are now returning to front and back labels and instead addressing how labels are printed; shortening our print runs and reducing the risk of wastage.

Have your products changed?Envirodri Group Shot New Branding

It is key to note that our current re-design is purely cosmetic as far as our products are concerned. We are not changing the ingredients or packaging other than the labels and we will continue to deliver the same high quality, professional performance cleaning products you are used to.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new designs, so if you have any comments or feedback please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us direct on 01304 897610.