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A major new campaign has recently been launched to encourage the British public to help protect water resources for future generations. Backed by more than 40 environmental groups, charities, water companies and regulators, the “Love Water” campaign was launched following a bleak waning by Environment Agency Chief Executive, Sir James Bevan, that England could potentially be in a situation with not enough clean water within 25 years.

Access to clean, fresh water is something we all currently take for granted but with serious issues like climate change, population growth, hotter summers and longer dry periods the risk of water shortages is only going to increase.

The campaign, launched as part of the government’s ‘Year of Green Action’ is aiming to help people connect with, protect and enhance nature. It will also highlight water issues and help people to dramatically cut down on water use by making small changes.

Currently the average person uses around 150 litres of water a day, but this can be reduced by turning off taps, using rain water buts and cutting back on activities that use excessive amounts of water.

Sir James Bevan said: “Most people agree that water is a precious resource but too often we take it for granted and don’t see how our actions have a direct effect on the local rivers, lakes and beaches we all care about.

Our campaign intends to change that by urging people to use water wisely and to think before pouring cooking oil down the drain or flushing a wet wipe away.

We know that everyone has a duty to preserve and protect water and the campaign will also work with industry, water companies and other regulators in the longer-term to cut down on wastage.”

The Love Water campaign doesn’t stop at activities and changes for the general public. It is also key in working with businesses to help support the campaign and getting them to do their but by saving water and promoting activities within their workplace and customer base designed to reduce water waste.

Longer term the campaigns aim is to make water-saving part of every companies operational and corporate responsibility targets. This way of thinking is nothing new to us at Cleantec Innovation. Since the mid 90s we have been pioneering dry carpet cleaning technology in order to help our customers reduce their reliance on water-based cleaning products and to offer a more sustainable way of cleaning carpets.

Rachel Fletcher, Chief Executive at Ofwat said about the Love Water campaign “We all have a part to play to protect and preserve this most vital resource. We look forward to working with partners within and outside the water sector to encourage everyone to do their bit and think about the value of water.”

If you’re ready to make the change towards more sustainable cleaning systems that are not reliant on masses of water then please get in touch with us, we always work alongside our customers to offer products and services that ensure your corporate and economical responsibilities are met.

To find out more about the Love Water campaign, follow @LoveWaterUK on twitter.