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The UK formally left the EU on 31st January 2020 following the Brexit vote in 2016. The Country has now completed an 11 month transition period whilst a deal that replaces the current relationship of trade has been negotiated. 

During this entire period, the subject of post-brexit trade has remained a high priority in our management meetings where we keep abreast of the changes and proactively plan for any possible outcome. 

Currently a number of our customers have raised the issue of Brexit and what contingency plans Cleantec Innovation Ltd have put in place. We have therefore put together the below FAQs which will be added to as we work through new trade legislations.



Will supply of your products remain uninterrupted?

Cleantec are proactively speaking to all of our loyal customers in an attempt to plan stocks in line with their requirements.

We are currently taking a proactive stance with our supply chain to ensure continuity of product. In most cases we have more than one approved source for our ingredients which has worked to our advantage and that of our customers in recent times when there have been product shortages. We would expect the same with regards to Brexit.

Will delivery lead times be affected?

Typically, Cleantec holds at least one month’s worth of stock. A great deal of our customers are taking a proactive approach of placing forward orders for products to ensure they have sufficient stock to cover the transitional period.

Will all regulatory issues be covered?

Through our sister company, Monarch Chemicals Ltd, we have great links to the Chemical Business Association. All new legislation is typically passed down from government to the CBA and in turn forwarded onto its members. Cleantec will always ensure that we comply with all UK law.

What is happening to REACH compliance?  

The UK has left the European Union (EU) and has completed the transition period which ceased on 31st December 2020 at 23:00. The UK government has confirmed that the UK will implement the UK REACH regulation (SI 2019/758) as amended, from the 1st January 2021. The UK system has a notification period that began 01/01/2021 and the deadline for notification depends on where the existing EU REACH registration is held

Cleantec Innovation is being regularly updated on the progress of the trade negotiations and the progress of development of the UK regulatory system in preparation for trade after January 2021. We are also in regular contact with our supply chain so we can ensure we are kept up to date with their preparations and planning processes to determine what needs to be done, when and by whom

Please be assured that we take our obligations very seriously and are working to ensure minimal supply chain disruption

What back-up and continuity plans are in place?

Trade agreements are still in their early stages of being implemented so it is almost impossible to predict what may or may not happen in the months to come. Please be assured Cleantec will be proactive to ensure that we protect the best interests of all our loyal customers and will happily work with all of them to try and ensure a smooth transition.


Anybody involved in the chemical industry will have seen that supplies of chemicals over the past 12-18 months have been disrupted by a number of varying causes whether this is through a force majeure caused by plant closures, feed stock shortages or discontinuation of products as a result of REACH implementation and of course COVID-19. We are proud to say that Cleantec are continually working closely with our customers to ensure continuity of supply within all realistic limits.

We can, of course only plan, based on the information made available to us from our customers and suppliers. Whilst we will do our best we would also recommend you consider taking a slightly longer stock position on products that are critical to continuity within your business.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.