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Cleantec Innovation Limited are committed to the safety of our colleagues, communities, customers and suppliers and as such, we are continuously monitoring the global situation on Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure appropriate action is taken at every step to ensure a safe, productive and progressive workplace.

The safety of our workforce, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance to us and will be key to the decisions we make as a business during these unprecedented and uncertain trading times. The situation in the UK is likely to continue to escalate and we will adapt to the situation as it plays out. Currently, we have implemented a number of actions and controls in response and these will be adjusted and added to as the situation unfolds.

To safeguard our employees, visitors and customers we have:

  • Placed an immediate hold on non-critical customer visits
  • Placed an immediate hold on visits to the Cleantec site
  • Implemented policy of respecting social distance between Cleantec staff & delivery/collection vehicle drivers
  • Restricted unnecessary access to office spaces by vehicle drivers
  • Implemented policy of regular sanitisation of workstations, communal areas and work vehicles
  • Ensured staff have access to hand sanitiser products

To alleviate any supply chain or customer impacts we are:

  • Increasing stock holding of key product lines, raw materials & packaging
  • Increasing dialogue with existing supply chain to maintain good levels of stock availability
  • Increasing level of dialogue with logistic partners
  • Encouraging our customers to increase their own stock holdings & to review their forecasts.

We have a long history of taking positive, progressive action in all scenarios and will endeavour to continue to provide a safe, reliable and uninterrupted product supply during this time.

For more information there is a helpful Q&A section on the WHO website here or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding placing orders with us please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Coronavirus: Latest information and advice can also be found on the gov.uk website HERE