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Biological Washroom Cleaner

PRO 4 Biological Washroom Cleaner

Product Code: PRO4

Pro 4 Biological Washroom Cleaner is a complex live biological formulation designed to offer immediate, safe and effective cleaning and odour control across all washroom surfaces. Pro 4 has been carefully designed to penetrate deep into the microscopic pores of washroom surfaces to breakdown and control the build-up of ammonia and uric acid keeping malodour at bay.

This live formula has the unique ability to cut through and clear grease, grime and soap residues across a variety of hard surfaces without the risk of causing damage to plastics or soft sealants. 

Product Details

  • Powerful, deep cleaning action without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals
  • Eliminates bad odour on contact
  • Gentle formulation - No need to rinse
  • Safe for use on sealants, plastics, ceramic and chrome
  • Residual cleaning technology continues to clean and keep odour at bay long after initial application

For use on all washroom surfaces including toilets, sink and shower areas, walls, floors, mirrors and glass


6 x 500ml Trigger Spray Bottles RTU
2 x 5 Litre Concentrate


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