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Mould Inhibitor and Wetting Agent

PRO 5 + 5.5 Mould Inhibitor and Wetting Agent

Pro 5 Concentrated Mould Inhibitor and Pro 5.5 Wetting Agent are ideal for curtains and fabrics that are situated in condensation prone areas. Designed to be included within your normal cleaning and maintenance schedules, these unique products will prevent and inhibit the growth of mould on any fabric that can be washed making mould control quick and easy. 

Product Details

  • Effectively inhibits the growth of mould on fabrics
  • Keeps curtains and fabrics cleaner and fresher for longer
  • Easy to use - textiles can be simply line or tumble dried as normal after treatment
  • For use on any washable fabric that can be fully submerged
  • Ideal for use in caravans, camper vans and chalets


2 x 5 Litre Pro 5 Concentrate + 1 x 300ml Ready to use Pro 5.5