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Limescale Remover

PRO 11 Limescale Remover

Product Code: PRO11

An innovative alternative to traditional mineral and organic acids, Pro 11 has been specifically developed to effortlessly remove limescale across a number of surfaces.

Pro 11 Limescale Remover is based an organic salt solution which reacts with limescale on contact turning it into liquid for effortless removal. 

Product Details

  • Convenient, ready to use formula
  • Innovative, ingredients provide an excellent alternative to traditional mineral and organic acids
  • Instant, long-term results
  • Also suitable for the removal or uric scale in toilets and urinals

Suitable for use on kitchen and washroom hard surfaces including ceramics, glass, sinks, taps and shower screens


6 x 500ml Trigger Spray Bottles RTU
2 x 5 Litre RTU


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