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Biological Multipurpose Cleaner

PRO 44 Biological Multipurpose Cleaner

Product Code: PRO44

A powerful and versatile biological cleaning solution capable of the deepest clean across a wide variety of hard surfaces. Pro 44 Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner contains an advanced, active formulation capable of the deepest clean without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. With the versatility of applications across virtually any hard surfaces, Pro 44 is formulated to cut through and remove grease, grime, dirt and odour leaving surfaces clean, hygienic and odour free. 

Product Details

  • Offers a truly deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Leaves no residue - no rinsing is required 
  • Results from regular use are long lasting and make future cleaning quicker and easier
  • Excellent cost in use performance results
  • Free from corrosive ingredients, solvents, bleaches or phosphates
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with most commercial cleaning machines

For use on virtually any hard washable surface including stainless steel, ceramic, polymers, wood, stone and glass.


6 x 500ml Trigger Spray Bottles RTU
2 x 5 Litre Concentrate
1 x 20 Litre Concentrate
1 x 1000 Litre Concentrate


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Pro 24 is a unique, environmentally responsible formulation designed to completely eliminate odours from any surface. The odour encapsulation technology binds and traps odours on contact whilst the live, probiotic formulation breaks them down to remove malodour at the source. 

Pro 24 rapidly neutralises all odours in a variety of environments and does so without the use of masking agents, hazardous chemical oxidisers or harsh ingredients.

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Pro 86 contains a specialised blend of cleaners and advanced polymers that chemically bond to a reflective surface. These polymers cross-link together and within a few hours of application form a tough and durable barrier protecting a surface from grease and grime.

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The active, biological formulation provides long-lasting cleaning effects to remove grease, grime, dirt and odour from surfaces without the use of bleach, acids or harmful solvents. 

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