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Workplace sanitiser pack

Back to Work Hygiene Pack

Prepare your staff for a safe return to the workplace with our essentials hygiene pack.

As offices begin to open back up, maintaining covid-safe measures and practices is essential in providing a safe space and reducing the spread of infection. 

Our office hygiene essentials pack contains everything you need as a first defence, equipping your staff with high quality, fully certified products to thoroughly disinfect their hands and work spaces through-out the day. 

Our pack contains: 

  • 48 x 50ml  Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser 
  • 48 x 65ml Instant Sanitiser Spray
  • 24 x 500ml  Multi-Surface Sanitiser Spray

Products in our pack are fully tested and certified to kill  99.99%   of harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses helping you to implement preventative measures and help your staff feel at ease as they return to work. 

Our kit is priced at just £250 (ex VAT and delivery) and we can offer mix and match deals across our product range and even private label - helping you to maintain covid-safe measures and brand consistency with fully personalised bottles (MOQs apply to all own label products). 

For more information or to discuss your requirements please fill out the contact sales form or call 01304 897610 

Product Details

  • Our back to work hygiene kit contains all the products your staff need to disinfect their hands and work surfaces throughout the day
  • Products are fully tested and certified to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses
  • Ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, factories, work vehicles and public facing organisations
  • Alcohol-Free hand sanitiser will not dry, irritate or crack the skin even when used frequently during the day
  • Helps businesses maintain covid-safe measures 
  • The perfect welcome pack for your staff as they return to the office
  • Our price for this package includes a discount of over 40% 
  • Private label also available (MOQ applies) 


Our back to work hygiene pack contains: 

48 x Alcohol-Free Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Sanitiser (50ml Foam Pump Bottles)
48 x V300 Hypochlorous Acid Instant Sanitiser Spray (65ml Atomiser Spray Bottles)
24 x Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser (500ml Trigger Spray Bottles)

For more information or to discuss your requirements please fill out the contact sales form or call 01304 897610 


Related Products

Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser
Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Cleantec Protect   Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser offers fast and effective skin disinfection without the need for water killing  99.99%   of harmful bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses.

The air-dry foaming formulation quickly coats the surfaces of the hands leaving no trace of sticky residues or strong perfumes whilst the alcohol-free technology will not dry the skin making this product suitable for regular, daily use.

With added skin conditioners and emollients, our alcohol-free fomaing hand sanitiser formulation is palm-free, vegan suitable, halal suitable, kosher suitable and free from micro-plastics. 

This foaming hand sanitiser as supplied passes:

BS EN 1500:   Hygienic Hand Rub
BS EN 14476:   Virucidal (Medical) 
BS EN 1276:   Anti-Bacterial 
BS EN 13727:   Anti-Bacterial (Medical)
BS EN 13624:   Yeasticidal (Medical) 

Private Label Hand Sanitiser

We are also able to offer our unique hand sanitiser as a white label product. We work alongside you to design a completely customised label with your company branding and details. Ideal for hotels, spas and resorts to offer to guests or as a promotional giveaway for your business. To find out more or to discuss your requirements visit our Cleantec Bespoke page .

Hypochlorous Acid Sanitiser Spray
V300 Hypochlorous Acid Instant Hand Sanitiser

Cleantec Protect   V300 Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) instant hand sanitiser is a revolutionary new way to keep hands sanitised. Killing 99.99% of envelpoped viruses, bacteria and spores it is a fast working anti-microbial solution suitable for use in all industries. 

Hypochlorous acid is one of the most effective disinfectants available. The solution, which is formulated to synthesise the same product produced by the human defence mechanism to fight infection, does not contain hazardous ingredients and can be used on virtually any surface including skin, food preparation areas and everyday surfaces.  

The active ingredient of V300 is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) providing a fast action sporicidal sanitiser. More effective than current commercially available products that cleanse, sterilise and sanitise and is approximately 100 times more effective than bleach yet does not carry any hazards or warnings. 

This product as supplied passes:

BS EN 1500: Hygienic Hand Rub
BS EN 14476: Virucidal (Medical)
BS EN 1276: Bactericidal
BS EN 1650: Fungicidal

Rapid Kill

Substantially more effective at killing harmful bacteria and viruses than standard household disinfectants and exceeding the performance of alcohol-based hand sanitisers V300 provides a rapid kill so you can be re-assured, once applied to the hands (or surface) the risk of spread is stopped dead.

More effective than alcohol-based hand rubs

The majority of hand sanitisers and disinfectants on the market make the claim that their products kills 99.9% bacteria which sounds great theoretically. However, in practice, out of 1 million bacteria it'll leave behind 1000 to grow, multiply and re-contaminate the skin. V300 however  kills 99.99999%   meaning that out of 1 million bacteria, none survive, providing an effectively bacteria-free surface. 

V300 obliterates both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and is proven to kill enveloped viruses. Additionally, V300 is a pH neutral formulation with no dermatological effect on the hands making it ideal for regular, daily use. It is free from quaternary compounds, surfactants, alcohol, fragrances and dyes and there is no need to wash after use. 

This product addresses the need for a universal sanitiser that has  no   C.O.S.H.H implications.