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Refrigeration Engineering Kit

PRO 75 Refrigeration Engineering Maintenance Kit

Product Code: PRO75

Pro 75 is a simple, two-step process to keep commercial chiller and refrigeration drains clean, odour-free and clear of blockages caused by EPS. 

Condensate lines from chiller and refrigeration units are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Organic material from food residues along with the right amount of heat, oxygen and moisture encourage any bacteria to grow and form a thick bio-film within pipework and drains. Over time this bacteria can produce a thick slimy barrier which will eventually harden and block drain lines to cause flooding, cooling failure, closure of chiller cabinets, foul smells and re-active maintenance costs.

This kit contains everything you need to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce those blockages occurring in drain and condensate lines.

Product Details

  • Actively controls EPS formation to reduce blockages
  • Reduces aisle closure and loss of profits
  • Reduces frequency of manual cleaning
  • Cuts down on call-outs and maintenance
  • Controls malodour

Designed for use around drains and on condensate trays in commercial grade refrigeration units.


1 x Kit contains: 
Pro 70 Refrigeration Condensate Treatment (1 Litre)
Pro 74 Drainclear Maintenance Treatment (100 Tablets)
Cleaning Cloths
Protective Gloves
Applicator Brush


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Refrigeration Condensate Treatment
PRO 70 Refrigeration Condensate Treatment

Stock code: PRO70

Pro 70 is an innovative, slow dissolving gel developed to inhibit EPS biofilm formation in drain and condensate lines of commercial refrigeration units. This dual-action biocidal gel has been designed to be painted directly onto the surface of drip pans and gullies. Combining amphoteric surfactants with biocidal properties the gel suppresses bacterial biofilm formation to significantly reduce drain blockages and flooding. 

Comercial Refrigeration Degreaser
PRO 71 Coil & Cabinet Cleaner & Degreaser

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An advanced, highly concentrated biological product for use in the cleaning and degreasing of refrigeration cabinet surfaces. Pro 71 is able to penetrate deeper and quicker into grease and grime providing superior cleaning power. The fast-acting cleaning action effortlessly removes a wide range of contaminates commonly found in condensers and chiller cabinets and also actively reduces the re-deposition of oils. 

Drain Maintenance Treatment
PRO 74 Drainclear Maintenance Treatment

Stock code: PRO74

Pro 74 Drainclear treatment is a bronopol-based biocidal product formulated as a slow release tablet. Designed to be inserted directly into pipework or drip pans this product inhibits the build up of EPS to prevent drainline blockages. 

Pro 74 can be used as a single treatment for EPS control in drainage systems or in combination with Pro 70 Refrigeration Condensate Treatment and Pro 71 Coil & Cabinet Cleaner & Degreaser.