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Cleantec Innovation were contacted by a Facilities Management company who look after the cleaning and maintenance of a 12 story building set in the heart of London. The company required a new solution to clean the external stainless steel panels as their current products were not providing the results they needed in removing ingrained dirt and contaminates. Due to the different degrees of soiling, plus faced with ever changing daily cleaning demands, they were looking for a long lasting, high-performance product which could provide excellent results on first use whilst reducing their labour time. 

Our first step was to carry out a full site survey to look into the levels of soiling and to understand the current cleaning processes. This report was fed back to our new product development team who proceeded to formulate three brand new, bespoke products for the task. These were crafted to ensure they had the ability to remove a range of contaminates including pollution, traffic film, water spots, finger marks, oil and grease, bird droppings and the general accumulation of light to heavy soiling. 

Once the correct chemistry had been established, the products went to trial on site and the results were recorded and sent back for analysis. We found that all three products performed exceptionally well, however one in particular exceeded all expectations. 

The winning formula was a low pH metal oxide treatment which our teams carefully developed to possess the ability of cleaning and removing a broad spectrum of contaminates from various metal and glass surfaces. It is now currently going through the final stages of product testing and trials before we add it as a permanent solution in our range.